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A deeply authoritarian project

You know how things come in threes? Well, the continuing onslaught against liberty by the European Union is no exception to this rule. Prior to the European Arrest Warrant and the European Investigation Order, the first of these sneak attacks came in the form of…. ….Council of Ministers Conclusions that reveal that Brussels now wants […]

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A campaign worth joining

The Campaign for Britain to opt out of the European Arrest Warrant. Nothing to add really. Apathetes, authoritarian lefties and Euro-federalists need not apply.

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Meet the new Home Secretary, same as the old Home Secretary. To borrow, and alter slightly, a line from Dame David, the European Investigation Order is here. It is entirely possible that Theresa May has an even tighter grasp on the Orwellian concept of Doublethink than her predecessor, Jack Straw (let’s not dignify Alan Johnson […]

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