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Comment of the week – Someone doesn’t like Andy Burnham

From Guido’s place, where else? Capita Learning & Development are holding a day long session on interview skills for all those Labour MPs’ staff who will soon be jobless.  Despite not being held until 22 March Guido is told it is already booked up. Course Objectives Identify your strengths and development areas before you enter […]

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Abdelbaset al-Megrahi death watch

191 days since he was released so he could die at home. So more or less three months since he was supposed to hop the twig. Stay tuned for regular updates.

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New series! Criminal offence of the week!

3,000 plus new offences have been dreamed up since 1997 by the government of the People’s Post-Democratic Euro-Region Formerly Known as Great Britain. As an hommage to the dedication, application and sheer ingenuity of our nation’s lawmakers, He’s Spartacus is proud to present a new weekly series, Criminal Offence of the Week! It is, believe it or […]

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