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Blog comment of the week

Or possibly the year. Short but oh so sweet…. the only growth we have is called gordon brown Comment number 11. Advertisements

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If wishing made it so, Daniel….

Dan Hannan’s recent comment about building a cross-party anti-EU movement…. What say I, InstantSaver? I say that, in order to win our independence, we shall need to win a referendum, and in order to win that referendum, we shall need the support of Labour, Conservative, LibDem and Green voters as well as UKIP voters. In […]

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The recession will end tomorrow

History will remember today as a day of days. Mark it in your diary. It will enter into our iconography. I have returned to work. There will be a ripple, that will become a palpable surge in GDP, that will metamorphose into a raging torrent of energy and industry today as I fire up Powerpoint […]

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