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What have I ever done to the internet?

I worked from home today as I’m having my office decorated and a new wi-fi system installed. Like anyone who, by the sweat of his brow, has earned the right to such luxuries, I have a cleaner, a vision of pulchritude and the subject of more than a few nocturnal reveries, who I pay to […]

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Time to open a vein

I mean honestly, what’s the point? Reluctant tug of the forelock to Andy McHaffie.

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People get paid to do this

In the He’s Spartacus inbox this morning was an email from my good friend, Gort. He is, as you will deduce from the following text, in the software development business…. In my capacity as a frivolous adornment to the service economy I spent all day last Tuesday adding a beautiful but completely unnecessary animation to […]

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