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What have I ever done to the internet?

I worked from home today as I’m having my office decorated and a new wi-fi system installed. Like anyone who, by the sweat of his brow, has earned the right to such luxuries, I have a cleaner, a vision of pulchritude and the subject of more than a few nocturnal reveries, who I pay to […]

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Pornstar tweet of the day #6

Today? No contest…. Madison Mitchell, the Dorothy Parker of porntweetdom…. Marry me, you silver tongued she-devil.

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Pornstar tweet of the day #4

You know the feeling. In fulfillment of a long held ambition, you have finally landed your first booking as male pornstar. To add a liberal coat of icing to the cake, your partner in your small screen hide the cannoli debut is the toothsome and generally chubby-inducing Tori Black. What can possibly go wrong? Well, […]

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