Signing off….

….for now.

I just don’t have the time to this thing justice any more.

For those of you who give a rambling damn, I will continue to post comments on the Telegraph and CiF, and my Telegraph comments are collected in one easy-to-read compendium here.

7 comments on “Signing off….

  1. Another one bites the dust. Always enjoyed your posts and sorry to see the pressure of time has caused you to have to quit blogging.

  2. Heat F Miller may miss several weeks (AP)…

    I found your entry interesting to I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  3. […] packed it in recently. So far Mr Eugenides, Constantly Furious, Obnoxio the Clown, Anna Raccoon and He’s Spartacus have called it a day, although Anna is back blogging at her old address (with a few friends) and […]

  4. Thanks for the follow on Twitter. Sorry you can’t keep up with the blog.

  5. Very kind, Perry.

    Just too busy trying earn a crust, I’m afraid.

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