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Wheat, weed and Obamacare

The Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution grants Congress the power to…. “regulate commerce . . . .among the several States,” ….and for more than 100 years federal lawmakers invoked it for a very narrow purpose; to prevent states from imposing trade barriers on each other. But today members of Congress act as if it […]

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Afraid to create jobs

From the highly recommended Reason TV….

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For Cleveland, Ohio, read Hackney, Maryhill….

….Birmingham Ladywood, Peckham, Shoreditch, Manchester Central, Liverpool Riverside…. How do we save our most depressed inner city regions? By encouraging inward private sector investment and making it easier for companies to function, giving schools and teachers the flexibility to make their own decisions, and improving services and civic pride by introducing commercial rigour into moribund, […]

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