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So how was Climate Camp for you?

Don’t know about you lot but this blog had a whole pile of fun…. ….but  it was that veteran hogger of the limelight and burster of pompisity’s bubble, Old Holborn, who ran away with the laurels…. ….and managed to get almost an entire piece in The Groan to himself. Honourable mention for services to sanity […]

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Hooray for the urban middle class!

Down with farmers! Boycott food! Read the comments. They’re an absolute hoot, almost without exception.

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Nothing wrong with Kerry McCarthy that a nice juicy steak wouldn’t fix

Labour’s Twitter Czar inserts size nine in cakehole again…. The moon-barkers over at the LACS must love you, Kerry. Bit more red meat in your diet, love. Get the old synapses snapping nicely.

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