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Meet the new Home Secretary, same as the old Home Secretary.

To borrow, and alter slightly, a line from Dame David, the European Investigation Order is here.

It is entirely possible that Theresa May has an even tighter grasp on the Orwellian concept of Doublethink than her predecessor, Jack Straw (let’s not dignify Alan Johnson and Jacqui Smith by even acknowledging that they ever held a post that was completely beyond their abilities)….

It does not amount to a loss of sovereignty….

Trans: It amounts to a loss of sovereignty.

It does not incur a loss of civil liberties.

Trans: I’m confused. Could you run that civil liberties thing past me again?

It is in the national interest to sign up to it.

Trans: It is in the interest of the unelected bureaucrats who now rule us that we sign up to it.

….we have the opportunity to influence its precise outcome.

Trans: In Europe. Run by Europe. Watched on CCTV by Europe.

Just what has changed about this directive that it no longer shows a “relish for surveillance and disdain for civil liberties”, Home Secretary? That shouldn’t tax a bright girl like you too much.



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  1. […] by the European Union is no exception to this rule. Prior to the European Arrest Warrant and the European Investigation Order, the first of these sneak attacks came in the form of…. ….Council of Ministers […]

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