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So how was Climate Camp for you?

Don’t know about you lot but this blog had a whole pile of fun…. ….but  it was that veteran hogger of the limelight and burster of pompisity’s bubble, Old Holborn, who ran away with the laurels…. ….and managed to get almost an entire piece in The Groan to himself. Honourable mention for services to sanity […]

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Stephen Fry saves the internet again

A disaster of epoch-making proportions was narrowly avoided yesterday when, for twelve agonising, nail biting hours, the world waited, digits crossed, gaze fixed intently on its computer screens, to see whether or not @stephenfry, the man widely acknowledged to be in charge of the internet, would make good his admonition that he would be leaving […]

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Subcontinental email pest dept. Oh do leave me alone, will you please?

Karahi’s been clogging up my inbox again. Two months ago he dispatched one of periodical email circulars about nothing of consequence, saying…. One day, people, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter will just disappear without a trace. You heard it here first. Well, no I didn’t, actually. Excellent. I’m waiting expectantly for the dawn […]

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