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I’ve got a bridge you might want to buy

If you believe, that is, that the Conservatives are the only party that accepts donations from non-domiciled billionaires, or indeed if you believe that the Conservatives are the largest beneficiary of these donors. Not that this deters Lord Mandelson from heaving his giant gut aboard the knackered old hobbyhorse for the second time in ten […]

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Donor nobis pacem

The Noble Lord Mandelson still insists on flogging Tory party funding from non-domiciled donors. Here he is being interviewed after Saturday’s West Midlands Wake…. The following high profile Labour donors, who have bankrolled the party for millions, are classified as non-dom: Former Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords and pension fund raider, Lord Paul, […]

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BAFTA and Mandelson, what you didn’t know

Such a shame that, according to Henry Macrory, the Noble Lord Mandelson pulled out of tonight’s BAFTA awards. Rumour has it he was up for a special prize…. Best email in a non-supporting role.

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