I baa therefore I are….reprise

Remember this? Well, sadly, the redoubtable Andrea Charman has finally thrown in the towel and given up the unequal struggle against a group of flat-earther parents who believe their children should not be taught that meat comes from slaughtered animals. I know who I’d like to slaughter. Advertisements

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Peotry Croner

Among the many acquaintances I have been unfortunate enough to accumulate during my half century on this goodly frame, perhaps one of the least attractive and most infuriating is Topflight. So named because, as students, we used to consume large quantities of barbiturates and amphetamine sulphate in his draughty top floor studio/garret in York, Topflight […]

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I’ve been receiving a lot of emails….

….many of them surprisingly complimentary. Here are just some of the words and expressions my correspondents have used to describe Hogan’s Goat…. Arid, passable, mainstream, banal, boilerplate, dull, humdrum, middling, bland, nowhere, moderate, ordinary, mediocre, plastic, commonplace, unexceptional, run-of-the-mill, white bread, so-so, tolerable, undistinguished…. Don’t you just wish you were me, luxuriating in all this […]

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