Signing off….

….for now.

I just don’t have the time to this thing justice any more.

For those of you who give a rambling damn, I will continue to post comments on the Telegraph and CiF, and my Telegraph comments are collected in one easy-to-read compendium here.

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Talk among yourselves for a moment….

Due to unforeseen matters of a personal nature that require immediate attention, this blog will be going off the air for a little while, hopefully only for a day or two.

Meanwhile, here’s some music….


The Sunday Session #2….Reggae

A few of this blogs favourites from Yard….

Dave & Ansell Collins – Double Barrel

The Congos – Fisherman

Toots & The Maytals – Pressure Drop

Junior Delgado – Fort Augustus

Althea & Donna – Uptown Top Ranking


Tony Blair’s “A Journey”….WH Smug’s intriguing point-of-sale campaign

By sheer coincidence this blog came up with the very same wheeze yesterday.

Great minds….

It’s also immensely gratifying to see Lord Meddlesome of Fey’s magnum opus hasn’t made it into the remainder bin yet.

It was Old Holborn. He done it.


If you only watch one Youtube video today….

….please watch this one….

The complete Eurobarometer survey, “Public opinion in the European Union”, sponsored by the EU’s own General Communication Directorate, can be found here.

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Ignored again…. wankers

One day, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon, this blog’s immeasurable contribution to our national conversation will be recognised.

And then you’ll all see what’s what, I don’t mind telling you.

Now where’s that Napoleon outfit?

Hat tip, Obo, the ginger onanist bastard.


@Nigel_Farage – “We are the Opposition”

Also, a couple of letters in today’s Telegraph, one from Nigel himself, highlight the rank hypocrisy of the Tory Party (who’s leader, the EU Viceroy in Downing Street, is proud to belong to its euro skeptic wing) on British foreign policy, human rights and the European Arrest Warrant….

Alien rule of law

SIR – William Hague (Comment, August 31) says that strong institutions and the rule of law “take a long time to build and must be constantly nurtured”.

Should he not, therefore, express concern that more than 1,000 British citizens have been sent abroad under the European Arrest Warrant?

He must also be aware of the extent to which British sovereignty was signed away in the Lisbon Treaty, how our rule of law, the great British tradition of habeas corpus, has gone and how, as EU citizens, we are now subject to European law, the Code Napoleon.

If this is what being an EU citizen means, I for one would rather be out of it.

Michael Gardner
Tadcaster, North Yorkshire

SIR – William Hague shows his keen sense of irony by saying that human rights are key to British foreign policy, one week after cutting the budget on human rights monitoring by £560,000.

“Foreign policy is domestic policy written large,” he suggests. Yes, but to a large extent, foreign policy is now written by the European Union, and Mr Hague supports the funding of the EU’s External Action Service in which 100 EU diplomats earn more each year than he does.

While the Government cheer-leads the closure of British embassies around the globe (accompanied by the opening of EU embassies in their place), and supports an EU voice at the UN to the detriment of British interests, Mr Hague cannot speak of defending a British foreign policy, nor a British domestic policy, while such a huge proportion of laws are made in Brussels and rubber-stamped by his Government.

Nigel Farage MEP (UKIP)

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