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Nigel Farage and Tony Benn….fighting for democracy in Europe

Strange bedfellows? Not when it comes to the question of democracy and liberty…. Tony Benn, David Owen and Norman Tebbit on democracy…. Tony Benn and David Davis on liberty…. Cottoned on yet? Advertisements

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Mind the gap

A fine and rigorously argued post by John Ward over at The Slog challenges the latest incarnation of left wing Utopian orthdoxy, The Spirit Level. Going back over a hundred years before the CIA was ever imagined, Jeremy Bentham proposed – without the benefit of any data – exactly that truthful empiricism of balance: ‘the […]

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Well, that was a nice holiday

10 days in Búzios. Nice. Ah well, back to reality. Why capitalism and libertarian conservatism are better than socialism….

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