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Guess who said, “The internet cannot be something free, where anything can be done or said.”

So who do you reckon? Some right wing fascist despot like….erm….George W Bush? Benjamin Netanyahu? Margaret Thatcher? Nigel Farage? Álvaro Uribe? An easy mistake to make, I agree, but no. It was everyone’s favourite champion of democracy and freedom (it says here), El Comandante himself, Hugo Chávez, the saviour of Venezuela, sorry, Latin America sorry, […]

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Chávez: Last one to leave….

Chavism of the week…. I make an appeal to the whole country: Turn out the lights.* *Venezuela is experiencing power cuts due to a complete failure by the Chavistas to invest in infrastructure. Of course, Chávez is blaming a drought, no doubt caused by some American secret weapon.

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Chavisms of the week….

El Commandante excelled himself last week…. The United States are playing God. The earthquake in Haiti is clearly the result of a test by the US Navy. Seems he’s keeping pretty illustrious company,though. His anti-American shills are everywhere. And the week’s other diversion from Venezuela’s plummeting economy? Look no further…. Those games they call ‘PlayStation’ […]

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