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There are many variations on this theme to be found knocking around the internet, but this is about the best and most concise I’ve found….

The Bill of Liberties 2007

1. Preamble

The ancient rights and liberties of the British people shall remain inviolable.

2. Self-ownership

All individuals own themselves and the product of their labour. No unreasonable seizures of property are permitted without just compensation. Government may only use compulsion in the protection of the liberties of others.

3. Freedom of speech and of the media

No law or regulation is permitted that restricts freedom of speech or limits the freedom of the media.

4. Freedom of association and of assembly

No law or regulation is permitted that restricts the right of the people to free association or restricts the right to peaceful assembly and protest.

5. Freedom of religion

No law or regulation is permitted that restricts the freedom of religious belief and practice.

6. Right to a fair trial

The right of an accused person to due process and trial by jury shall not be taken away.  In all cases, civil and criminal, individual or corporate, the burden of proof shall lie with the accuser or plaintiff. The defendant is innocent until proven guilty. The defendant has the right to confront their accusers and to challenge their evidence, all with the assistance of legal counsel.  The right of appeal and freedom from double jeopardy shall not be taken away.

7. Imprisonment and Habeas Corpus

The Habeas Corpus Acts shall be considered to form a part of this bill.

8. Searches

Except in an emergency, no officer of the state may enter private property or otherwise intrude upon an individual’s privacy without their permission or a warrant authorised by a judge on the presentation of persuasive sworn evidence.

9. The right to self-defence

No law or regulation is permitted which infringes the right to self-defence.

10. Retrospective legislation

No law or regulation is permitted which has retrospective effect.

11. Information

The Freedom of Information Act, unmodified by subsequent secondary legislation, shall form part of this bill.

12. Other rights not specifically enumerated

Other ancient rights and freedoms of the peoples of these islands, although not enumerated here, are equally protected by this Act.

13. The assumption of liberty

Where there is doubt over the meaning of the Bill of Liberties, the courts shall assume that the freedom of the individual is paramount.

Common sense courtesy of Bishop Hill.



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