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Tony Blair’s “A Journey”….WH Smug’s intriguing point-of-sale campaign

By sheer coincidence this blog came up with the very same wheeze yesterday. Great minds…. It’s also immensely gratifying to see Lord Meddlesome of Fey’s magnum opus hasn’t made it into the remainder bin yet. It was Old Holborn. He done it. Advertisements

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Blair’s memoir….a tough choice resolved

This blog notes with mixed feelings that Tony Blair’s  eagerly awaited (it says here) memoir, A Journeyman: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bush Family, is rocketing up the Amazon best seller list. This happy event is due in no small part to St Teflon’s pledge to donate all royalties from the book, […]

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Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends! Insincerity Sucks!

The Hughie Green (Green Hughie?) of politics is back…. Back to remind us of twelve years of spin, authoritarianism, lies, greed, war, hubris, vanity, vaulting ambition, catastrophic social experiments, waste, control freakery, attacks on democracy…. Just what is it that he has against McRuin?

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