Great Repeal Bill

In their book, The Plan: Twelve Months to Renew Britain, which I commend to everyone, Douglas Carswell and Daniel Hannan proposed The Great Reform Bill, which is intended to abolish many restrictive laws and regulations which hamper individual freedoms, society, and businesses in the United Kingdom.

Read on….

Britain is over regulated.  Laws, regulation and red tape stifle individuals, infantilise communities and strangle enterprise.  We need a Great Repeal Bill.

Bills are traditionally drafted by “experts” and professional politicians.  But it will require the wisdom and experience of all those struggling to cope with them to know which ones to scrap.  That’s why the Great Repeal Bill is not being drafted by them – but by you.

Do you run a business or community group?  What rules and red tape have prevented you from reasonable actions you’d otherwise have taken?  Please be specific and only cite rules that you personally know to be overbearing.

Deregulation is too important – for our businesses, society and sense of civic pride – to “leave to the experts”.  We’ve been waiting for the professional politicians to tackle red tape – and we’re still waiting.  All they’ve so far done is set up more quangos – a Better Regulation taskforce – and invent more red tape – regulation impact assessments forms.

So why not act now and help us draft the Bill?  If it is a success, we hope that the draft Bill will be introduced in Parliament in the next session.

Perhaps this experiment in open source politics won’t work.  Maybe the draft Bill will be overrun by ranters.  But if like me, you think there’s more common sense to be found outside SW1 than there is inside, let’s give it a go.


3 comments on “Great Repeal Bill

  1. thanks for the blogroll entry

  2. The absolute right to free speech in all circumstances, a Jury can decide if someone went too far.

    Come to think of it, repeal almost everything and let a well informed jury be the final arbiter, that is after all what Juries are for, in a real court of law, the Jury is the Highest authority.

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