conspiracy theory

Ghandi and Martin Luther King as establishment patsies

How about this for a spectacularly stupid piece of historical revisionism? You can’t argue with psychopaths. Damn straight, Derrick. Advertisements

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Pinafore your thoughts

Yes, I know. Mark Thomas is completely hatstand most of the time, but he and I do stand shoulder to shoulder on the question of freedom of assembly. Here is his take on plod’s new ¬£9m domestic extremist tracking programme….

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Subcontinental email pest dept. Oh do leave me alone, will you please?

Karahi’s been clogging up my inbox again. Two months ago he dispatched one of periodical email circulars about nothing of consequence, saying…. One day, people, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter will just disappear without a trace. You heard it here first. Well, no I didn’t, actually. Excellent. I’m waiting expectantly for the dawn […]

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