lawful rebellion

Wheat, weed and Obamacare

The Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution grants Congress the power to…. “regulate commerce . . . .among the several States,” ….and for more than 100 years federal lawmakers invoked it for a very narrow purpose; to prevent states from imposing trade barriers on each other. But today members of Congress act as if it […]

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So how was Climate Camp for you?

Don’t know about you lot but this blog had a whole pile of fun…. ….but  it was that veteran hogger of the limelight and burster of pompisity’s bubble, Old Holborn, who ran away with the laurels…. ….and managed to get almost an entire piece in The Groan to himself. Honourable mention for services to sanity […]

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You know those soap-dodgers who go smashing bank windows?

Like these at the Climate Camp in Edinburgh last weekend…. Well, this blog can think of a lot of names for them but anarchists they are not…. As Old Holborn helpfully pointed out to a Climate Camper yesterday…. Hat tip, Captain Ranty.

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