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Leon Brittan….£500 a day for a failed politician

You couldn’t make it up. Downing Street announced yesterday that Our Prime Minister, who is a “proud member” (it says here) of the eurosceptic wing of the Conservative party, has hired confirmed europhile, Lord Brittan, 24 years after being booted out of the Thatcher cabinet, to work towards “removing trade barriers and stimulating investment” for […]

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Quote of the week

From Douglas Carswell…. I fear the notion of the Coalition as Whig radicalism re-born, or as Edmund Burke dot com, which really would change Britain, might not have made it into this evening’s script. So, the BBC is still trying to find a distempered right wing Tory to attack the Coalition. So much for impartiality.

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They think it’s all over

Let me assure you that it isn’t, not by a long chalk. My own thoughts on the Lisbon Treaty European Constitution, which have variously been described as “mad”, “overblown” and “mentally unstable”, can be found here. PACTO OLISIPIENSIS CENSENDA EST!

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