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What is the nutritional value of a Bible?

A talking Bible, that is, as I suppose it could be argued at a stretch that munching on a few scraps of paper might stave off the hunger pangs for an hour or two. I guess we’ll never know how many people died because these 600 bibles took the place of a consignment of MREs, […]

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Chavisms of the week….

El Commandante excelled himself last week…. The United States are playing God. The earthquake in Haiti is clearly the result of a test by the US Navy. Seems he’s keeping pretty illustrious company,though. His anti-American shills are everywhere. And the week’s other diversion from Venezuela’s plummeting economy? Look no further…. Those games they call ‘PlayStation’ […]

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It’s the French again

After having left its former colonial possession a complete basket case and the poorest, most wretched country in the western hemisphere, France now accuses America of staging a military occupation, when all they’re trying to do is help, which France conspicuously is unable to. Which got me thinking…. Was it the French speaking Belgians or […]

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