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Common sense, in intensive care but putting up a fight

Hopefully the last episode of this particular soap opera…. Andrea Charman is back doing what she does best at Lydd Primary School. A small victory in the unending struggle against political correctness. To celebrate, I’m sending her a live Easter bunny so she can cook the kids a nice tasty rabbit stew and make a […]

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A suggestion for Andrea Charman

In the sincere hope that you will soon be returning to gainful employment as a schoolteacher, may I respectfully suggest an idea you might like to recommend to your colleagues?

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I baa therefore I are….the final installment

Some people really do have the most extraordinary priorities. Not only does Adele Grant believe her child should be taught that animals aren’t harmed in the production of meat (and is perfectly comfortable hounding schoolteachers out of a job to prove it), she also appears to think that this, from her Facebook page…. ….is an […]

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