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@Nigel_Farage – “We are the Opposition”

Also, a couple of letters in today’s Telegraph, one from Nigel himself, highlight the rank hypocrisy of the Tory Party (who’s leader, the EU Viceroy in Downing Street, is proud to belong to its euro skeptic wing) on British foreign policy, human rights and the European Arrest Warrant…. Alien rule of law SIR – William Hague (Comment, […]

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That blasted horse has gone and bolted again….let’s lock the stable door

Remember those heady days….ooh….about a month ago when the Coalition came up with a cracking wheeze to make us feel that they actually represent us and that our vote means something? Remember the ‘Programme for Government’? Well, with what some might think is indecent haste (surely they can’t have prepared the answers before launching the […]

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