Franklin Brito….another victim of Oliver Stone’s ego

Today this blog would like to tell you about Franklin Brito, someone whose name most of you will almost certainly have never heard.

For those who are unfamiliar with Brito’s story, he had a productive livestock farm in Venezuela until a certain Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías decided to “expropriate” it, declaring property rights to be at an end at that henceforth, “all Venezuelan land (would) belong to the people.”

Brito tried to recover his property through the legal system, a herculean task in Latin America generally and all but impossible in Venezuela, where matters of right have been settled at the whim of the regime for years. He was unable to get an explanation, let alone a hearing.  So, in desperation, Brito resorted to a  hunger strike, which until yesterday had lasted nine months. I say until yesterday because that’s when his body and spirit gave up the unequal struggle for justice.

Franklin Brito

The poor fellow really should have known better than to expect a dictator to pay the slightest attention to a hunger-striker. No doubt we’ll be hearing more weasel words about “bandits” today from Mr Chávez’s friend, President Luis Inácio Lula da Silva of Brazil, who, as the crocodile tears cascade down his cheeks like the Iguaçu Falls, will doubtless also be fielding further awkward questions about his Workers Party’s support of the FARC in Colombia.

This blog would be particularly intrigued to know the thoughts of Noam Chomsky, John Pilger Sean Penn and Oliver Stone, four men who would no sooner live in Chávez’s Venezuela than they would on Jupiter (but are quite happy, it seems, for others to do so) on this most Latin American of outrages.

Brazil has a presidential election in October. It will probably come as no surprise to anyone with more than two functioning synapses that Lula’s anointed successor is Dilma Roussef….


You got that, right? Sean Penn thinks people who refer to Chávez as a dictator should be jailed.


No prizes for guessing whose side the MercoPress Agency is on in the Brazilian election….

José Serra


5 comments on “Franklin Brito….another victim of Oliver Stone’s ego

  1. […] Sep Following the tragic and wasteful death on Monday of Venezuelan hunger-striker, Franklin Brito, his family issued a statement which this […]

  2. Hey, Spartacus.
    You sent your blog to me through Ed West blog when you answered me.
    It is very good to know that we are aware of how stupid are Lula, Dilma and Brazilian press. Congratutlations.
    I have a blog in Brazil (www.thyselfolord.blogspot.com). Today, I comment Ed West article and Cuba (showing a list of deaths by the killer Che Guevara). It is in Portuguese, however.
    I will include your blog in my list.

    Pedro Erik

    • Valeu pelo comentário, Pedro. Vou ficar de olho ne seu blog.


      • Caro Franklin,

        Fiquei mais feliz de ver um brasileiro (ou português) tão bem informado. Li suas respostas no The Telegraph. Será uma honra tê-lo como leitor e crítico do meu blog. Criei meu blog, quando morei em Cambridge (RU).
        Também estou muito ocupado, agora, para escrever, mas procuro postar pelo menos uma vez a cada dois dias e sempre estou de olho no The Telegraph, gosto especialmente do Ed West, que inclusive já postou no meu blog. Também gosto do Gerald Warner, mas ele parou de escrever desde agosto. Além de Delingpole.

        Feliz dia de Fawkes amanhã.

        Pedro Erik

      • Na verdade sou inglês. Moro no Rio.

        Outros ótimos colunistas do Telegraph são o Daniel Hannan e Norman Tebbit.

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