The Devil finds work….

Having little else to do this morning, apart from fielding a complaint from my eurozealot neighbour and his harpy of a wife about this flag….

….which has been fluttering gaily atop my summer house roof since Sunday, I thought I’d have a little fun with Old Holborn’s Labour List Automatic Quote Generator (scroll to bottom of homepage).

The results are startlingly accurate….

Q: What is David Milliband’s position on pubs?
A: Millibands, eh? Chimpy wants Cuba for the oil! As a baby seal, I am crestfallen. Imperialists!!!

Q: Does Harriet Harman’s equality legislation help or hinder the country’s return to economic prosperity?
A: Why do you say legislation!? We’ve seen this before, in Tibet. Bu$h lied about THAT too!!! (Or is that supposed to be a secret!?) This is an outrage!!!! What next!!!? If you aren’t dissatisfied about this Boy King, then you must concede you are a Replicant empty-HEADED gopher of Rupert Murdoch!!!

Q: How can anyone ever trust Labour again after it reneged on its promise of a referendum on the EU Constitution?
A: Constitution, eh? Say goodbye to gender parity and free health care!!!! So long!! I reject neocolonialism AND COLONIALISM!

Depressing, isn’t it, that you get more sense out of an insensate piece of software than you do from Labour’s grass roots?


2 comments on “The Devil finds work….

  1. Comparing the European Union to the Soviet Union is an insult to the memory of the millions who died under Lenin and Stalin.

    Shame on you.

    • Denying that the European Union is a corrupt, authoritarian, undemocratic quasi-dictatorship is an insult to the intelligence of the millions of Europeans who oppose a federal EU.

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