So how was Climate Camp for you?

Don’t know about you lot but this blog had a whole pile of fun….

….but  it was that veteran hogger of the limelight and burster of pompisity’s bubble, Old Holborn, who ran away with the laurels….

….and managed to get almost an entire piece in The Groan to himself.

Honourable mention for services to sanity to @wearethebritish, who started the whole thing with this….

When’s the next one? Tell me there’s another one soon!


14 comments on “So how was Climate Camp for you?

  1. Fucking fascist.

  2. A pleasure, cunt.

  3. What is your problem, Lucien de la Peste, with FACTS and SCIENCE?

  4. I was uncertain, but the incisive logic and high level dialogue of the global warming believers has convinced me.

    After all, who could possibly fault the dialectical brilliance of pointing out that anyone who doesn’t agree with them is a fascist, fucking, cunt?

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