Leon Brittan….£500 a day for a failed politician

You couldn’t make it up.

Downing Street announced yesterday that Our Prime Minister, who is a “proud member” (it says here) of the eurosceptic wing of the Conservative party, has hired confirmed europhile, Lord Brittan, 24 years after being booted out of the Thatcher cabinet, to work towards “removing trade barriers and stimulating investment” for British business.

As is often the case, Nigel Farage has a few choice words for politicians who are shuffled off to Brussels and recalled after a few years to inflict yet more damage on our national interest….

For all the good Brittan will do for British interests and British business both within and without the EU, particularly small to medium-sized businesses, they might as well have hired Michael Foot….posthumously. It would have been cheaper too.

Conveniently, the European Union Viceroy is on holiday and unavailable for comment.


2 comments on “Leon Brittan….£500 a day for a failed politician

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