The left has suddenly remembered England

There’s quite a sensible piece by Eddie Bone in the New Statesman today, or very nearly.  The basic premise is that Labour should devote a large part of its time in opposition to rediscovering itself in England, and reconnecting with the English political base that it lost through its badly drafted and deliberate policies of devolution and imposed multi-culturalism.

All fine and dandy, a welcome return to democratic principles, you may think, but as several comments below the piece expose, eradicating the loathing for England that is hard-wired into Labour’s orthodox Fabian DNA will be no easy task.  This is what the ersatz reformers are up against….

An ‘English Parliament’ would not work; it would simply return a perpetual Conservtive majority and that is not good for democracy.

Whats needed is a radical shake up of the Constitution. Greater powers to Regional Govts rather like the ‘lender’ in Germany, and a Federal Structure for the UK, to recognnise the uniqueness of Scotland wales NI and the English Regions.

Which raises two points….

First, while this blog recognises that the Conservative Party as currently constituted doesn’t represent English, or British, interests at all, but those of an unelected bureaucracy in Brussels, what is “bad for democracy” about a perpetual majority for any party if that’s what the people decide?

And second, it’s not hard to see what the commenter is thinking here. This “radical shake-up of the Constitution” would emasculate England still further, consigning even the idea of an English nation to the history books and devolving what little control of our own national destiny we have left to the socialist empire that has been the dream of the homogenisers since Robert Schumann first proposed the European Coal and Steel Community in 1950.

In reality Bone’s proposal holds no hope for those of us who wish to redress the manifest imbalances created by Labour’s cynical gerrymandering, and nobody should be taken in by it.

They chose to despise England and everything she stands for, so now they’ve suddenly remembered we exist, now they need us, they don’t get to represent us.


9 comments on “The left has suddenly remembered England

  1. I’d suggest that it would be bad for democracy were the same party to win every election because their policies were very good for 51% of the population but really bad for the other 49%.

    It certainly wouldn’t be representative democracy, and it wouldn’t be good for the country.

    • While I agree that a strong opposition is necessary in order to avoid an elected dictatorship (which, by the way, is what we have effectively had since 1997) I can’t avoid the suspicion that the commenter, far from wanting a truly representative Parliament, or parliaments, would like nothing better than to see Labour returned to power in perpetuity, and England a fading memory.

      • What, because I disagree with you?

        What part of disagreeing with you means I must support Labour? I don’t. I do support my local Labour MP because he’s an excellent MP, but I had little affection for the last Labour Government.

        When you say we effectively had an elected dictatorship since 1997, do you mean because of the huge majority and ineffective opposition? In that, I’d agree with you. But then, that’s what our system creates.

  2. To my way of looking at it HS we have NEVER had a democracy in this land, the absolute power of the monarch was simply transfered to the Crown in the form of the government of the day, which apart from one or two occasions, was of sufficient majority to do as it liked. Yes, pre Thatcher there were politicians of honour who would not vote with the party and thus there was a semblance of democracy but it was not effective generally, the three line whip saw to that, the last shreds of our supposed democracy fell with the abolition of the House of Lords (like it or loathe it) it was the only real check on the monarchical tendency of the government, once the parliament act was introduced (way back) even they were limited by the honourable character of the PM, and we have not had an Honourable PM since Thatcher (and I hated her with a passion- but give her her due she was ‘for’ the people of the UK, unlike the shower of shit that has reigned on us since).
    The single biggest mistake the common person makes is in believing that they live in a Democracy, it allows the con artists at the top to manipulate the living crap out of us all, everyone should ‘study their history and realise what has gone on, then there might be a change in political allegience to establish a true Democracy (if there really is such a thing in this world)

  3. No Phil.

    By “the commenter” I meant the person whose comment I quoted.

    • Ah, okay. Though I’m not convinced that’s true. I largely agree with the commenter. However, if we had a more representative democracy and it returned a (probably minority) Conservative Government every time, who then had to work with Parliament and allow other voices to be heard and influence policy, then I’d settle for that.

  4. Who the hell do they think they are? They insulted us English for years and now they think that all they have to do is spout shite and we’ll be thick enough to fall for it. No chance!
    They really need to stop deluding themselves, i.e. comments like this:
    “….scotland and wales NI and the English Regions.” ENGLAND IS A COUNTRY WHETHER THEY LIKE IT OR NOT!!!

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