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Blair’s memoir….a tough choice resolved

This blog notes with mixed feelings that Tony Blair’s  eagerly awaited (it says here) memoir, A Journeyman: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bush Family, is rocketing up the Amazon best seller list.

This happy event is due in no small part to St Teflon’s pledge to donate all royalties from the book, and his £4.6 million advance, to the Royal British Legion for construction of a sports centre for veterans, an act which, were it not for the persistent suspicion that the former Prime Minister is attempting to salve his conscience, and take what he doubtless considers his rightful place in the pantheon of great British Prime Ministers, would be entirely laudable.

The temptation to forget the lies, the shackling of Parliament, the bonfire of the liberties and the narcissism, along with a genuine curiosity as to how Blair will try to airbrush his political legacy is almost overwhelming, but then….

You almost had us there, Tony.

Get Labour Out, has come up with a rather elegant solution to this conundrum. Instead of buying the book, donate your £12.50 directly to the Legion.


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