Comment of the week

By some bloke called He’s Spartacus.

I’ve just tried to sign up for the beta programme.

Unfortunately I was unable to complete the process as there is no option for loyal Subjects of Her Majesty the Queen.

I am not an EU Citizen.

That is all.

This blog supposes it should be happy that it didn’t fall victim to Citzalia’s censorship policy….



8 comments on “Comment of the week

  1. Point of order, M’lud.

    We ceased to be subjects in 1983. We are now UK Citizens.

    Since 1st Jan 2009 we also became European Citizens.

    A sort of “dual nationality” that no-one bloody asked for.


  2. I am not now, nor have I ever been, nor will I ever be an EU Citizen.

    Otherwise, point hoisted in.

  3. Amen to that! Neither will I.

    I even find myself choking on “UK citizen”….

    (Not out of any sense of loyalty to Her Maj though).


  4. I don’t actually have a dim view of her. She was my boss for seven years. I even met some of her family.

    I also think the £1 or so she costs each of us every year is okay. She does draw them tourists in so someone, somewhere, is making some money.

    It’s the principle involved: she swore not to do certain things and now she has violated every part of her Coronation Oath.

    That behaviour has to be corrected.


    • You’ll get no argument from me there, hence my Magna Carta comment.

      A propos of which, I am told by a normally reliable source that the Queen didn’t even reply to the Petition of Right submitted by the Duke of Rutland et al in 2001, quoting clause 61 of Magna Carta, asking her not to give the Royal Assent to bills which affect our national sovereignty. Do you know if this is true?

  5. I wrote to his dukeship about a month ago, and two or three others named in the report you link to.

    I asked if they had followed up once the 40 day period was up. None of them replied.

    One of the conditions of Lawful Rebellion is that you must have 25 barons “on side” before you can begin the process. These gents at least paved the way for the rest of us to follow. I am told that around 200 people a day are sending their affidavits in to the queen.

    As far as I am aware, she has never replied to anyone who sent in their paperwork concerning Lawful Rebellion.

    This is either wilful ignorance, or she is waiting until the number of rebel’s is high enough for her to act. The British Constitution Group say that they have been told that as soon as one million citizens enter lawful rebellion she will react.


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