The apple never falls very far from the tree

Off-message news from the BBC….

"Oink, son." "Oink, Mam, Oink, Dad."

The leader of Denmark’s main opposition party says she made a “big and sloppy error” by giving incorrect information to the Danish authorities about her husband, Stephen Kinnock.
Social Democrat leader Helle Thorning-Schmidt was speaking after the Danish tabloid newspaper BT had accused her husband of evading Danish taxes.
Mr Kinnock is the son of Lord Kinnock, the former UK Labour Party leader.
When it comes to playing fast and loose with public money, of course Stephen had the finest education money can buy.



5 comments on “The apple never falls very far from the tree

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Get Labour Out. Get Labour Out said: Steven Kinnock showing his socialist roots http://bit.ly/dBEoMM Well done Mr & Mrs Kinnock, you trained him well […]

  2. I love reading your blog. It’s a daily reminder to me of why we must fight people like you and your BNP friends.

  3. The BNP hates the EU.

    You hate the EU.

    The BNP are your friends.

    • As stated in the New Statesman a few weeks ago….

      A brief skim through BNP manifesto literature brings to light proposals for the following: large increases in state pensions; more money for the NHS; improved worker protection; state ownership of key industries. Under Griffin, the modern-day far right has positioned itself to the left of Labour.

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