John 11:35

It may be tough being a lesbian, but apparently it’s blondes who really suffer….

What about blonde jokes… I’ve had to suffer them all my life from teachers, bosses, friends ..and am tired of people thinking its funny to make me the butt of their joke.  If I had an afro and people were making afro jokes it wouldn’t be acceptable.  If I respond I am treated like I have no sense of humour.  My teenage son is blonde and everytime he does something silly… Its because he is blonde… How is that okay?  How many blogs do you read about people protesting about it?

Not many, love. Can’t think why. Maybe you should start one.

So what do we do to end this victim/entitlement culture that seems to have us all in some kind of collective paralysis?

A start might be to put and end to Trevor Phillips’ cozy little sinecure, a stellar candidate for Little George’s axe.

Update: Somebody apparently tweeted the following to Clare….

If you’re the ‘dyke on the bike’, I can only assume that AA Gill travels by punt.

Bingo! AA Gill put in his place amusingly, without fuss and without recourse to the Press Complaints Commission, the courts or the equality police.



2 comments on “John 11:35

  1. By “us all” do you mean britain, the first world, or the whole world? Tell the blonde that hitler was on her side….

  2. I’ll stick with Britain. The rest of the world can confront its own problems.

    Bold suggestion about the blonde, although I suspect she’s beyond help.

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