Look at me! I’m a victim! Probably time we passed another law

For those who may not have noticed, the interweb was in a ferment yesterday when AA Gill referred to Clare Balding (she’s on the telly or something) as….

….the dyke on a bike, puffing up the nooks and crannies at the bottom end of the nation.

Of course it didn’t take the Militant Sapphic Tendency long to mobilise the troops….

Perhaps if Clarkson were referred to as a “breeder in ill-fittting jeans” there might be a comparison to be made, but I’m pretty sure that he isn’t.

I’m not so sure. I suspect that Clarkson would laugh like a drain if he was referred to as a “breeder in ill-fitting jeans”.

But then he is blessed with a sense of humour.



11 comments on “Look at me! I’m a victim! Probably time we passed another law

  1. ..And of course being one of the heterosexual majority, j clarkson (who I like a lot) hasn’t been victimised or legislated against – so the term wouldn’t carry quite the same weight. You arrogant twat.

  2. Oh dear, i’m afraid your quote about Jeremy Clarkson was actually off the Feminist network website…i do hope you’re not trying to imply that all feminists are lesbians?
    AA Gill is a misogynistic idiot, and frankly, i find it offensive that you deem the public response to be lacking a sense of humour. Grow up and do your homework!

    • I’m not trying to imply anything of the sort.

      Somebody apparently tweeted the following to Clare Balding….

      “If you’re the ‘dyke on the bike’, I can only assume that AA Gill travels by punt.”

      Bingo! AA Gill put in his place amusingly, without fuss and without recourse to the Press Complaints Commission, the courts or the equality police.

      Grown up enough for you?

      • Well, i will concede that it’s probably the only real way to treat Gill, i’m sure he revels in so much attention. Speaking as a lesbian, i just find his comments tiresome and antiquated, and just plain bad journalism. I think it’s all borne out of his misogyny though, he has a view about women that can’t be swayed, and that’s his problem really.
        The real issue here is the editor’s reply, and i think this is what really riled me. When he is speaking from a minority group that, whilst widely accepted, still faces issues of equality, then he is entitled to his opinion. That is all.

  3. […] The meta issue Look at me! I’m a victim! Probably time we passed another law […]

  4. I’m female btw. Yes if I was you (straight white male in a first world country) I probably would be arrogant… Actually I called you an arrogant twat out of sheer irritation at yet another homophobic little slur by yet another person … It gets exhausting and depressing some days.

    • So straight white males who live in first world countries are probably arrogant? That’s some leap of logic right there, and a very interesting approach, to denounce an entire culture as criminal, the default position of authoritarians everywhere.

      As regards my alleged homophobia, I refer you to my reply to Andrea, above.

      Life isn’t fair and no amount of legislation will make it so. Legislating for equality merely replaces one injustice with another. So, we can either grow a spine and throw Gill’s words back in his face with interest (again, see above) or we can whine about fairness and entitlement, and demand that “something be done”.

      Which option do you think is the more life-affirming?

  5. No…I said that if I fitted into that group, I’d probably be arrogant – I wasn’t saying that the entire group is arrogant. You’re just looking for the next flip comment to make, instead of trying to communicate. As for the whole balding thing – it is only relevant to me in a global sense (I don’t live in britain) – and in a global sense, I wish all forms of homophobia, witting + unwitting, could be eradicated. Because I’m thinking of my own country, where all too often it leads to rape and murder. Within the context of british society, I only ever met one lesbian couple who were firebombed out of their house. The realities are no doubt very different, between your world and mine. If you want to fight for the right to say dyle without fear as an insult, you should be demanding the same for words like nigger and paki and so forth, right? I never react negatively to being called dyke, ever, but then, apart from anything else, it isn’t used so much as a derogatory term in south africa – there are other words in use that I’d object to strongly though and once people have been scarred by words, I think thwy have a right to protest it – as clare balding did, quite articulately. I read about it after reading your post, hadn’t heard of it before.

    As for which option is more life affirming – neither, they are both used in the context of what british society as a democracy allows. If you loathe your laws, do something about them beyond bitching on a blog – although bitching on blogs is important too. I just didn’t like the way you seemed to sneer at lesbians in general, to be honest _ and yes, that could be merely me projecting my own sensitivities, but they’re there with good reason.

    • I challenge bad laws, either here or in the real world, whenever and wherever I can, and I’m quite comfortable with the idea that knowing that AA Gill can say what he likes means that you and I can say what we like.

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