Happy birthday, Nelson Mandela

92 today. Good innings and all that.

But wait! Yes….I’m getting….yes….OK….this just in from the Blessed Abattoir of the Sacred Cow….

Che Guevara is an inspiration for every human being who loves freedom.

Ah well, I guess even divinities made flesh are entitled to the occasional bad day at the office.



8 comments on “Happy birthday, Nelson Mandela

  1. I belong to the ‘Why All This Fuss About An Old Bloke’ club. Launched a thousand crap records and responsible for the pointless renaming of sensible streets and squares everywhere.

  2. What a mean spirited post. I hope someone puts you in jail for 27 years and murders your son because of the colour of your skin.

  3. If you fascists haven’t anythink nice to say about the greatest human being of the 20th century why don’t you just shut up?

    He’s an old man FFS.

    • Hello John. Nice to see you. Have we met?

      Your definition of the word “fascist” differs considerably from my own, and indeed that of any dictionary you may care to consult.

  4. I’m quite excited to be labelled a fascist, merely for not conforming to the accepted beliefs viz NM. I’m not saying that apartheid was right (clearly very wrong), but took him a long time to say anything about Zimbabwe.

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