The Eleutherophobia vote

I’m afraid Iain Dale’s got this Chris Grayling bed and breakfast thing completely arse about face.

One particularly scholarly commenter sums up the matter perectly, I think….

Sorry, Iain. You’re way south of the mark on this one.

As I said over at The Groan….

Private property.

Personal choice.

Anathema to leftists.

If the way forward for the brand of Tory thinking you represent is to legislate on matters of conscience, and that represents the majority view in the party, then one of us, Iain, is no longer a Tory.

I should perhaps also reiterate my further comment that if it were my own establishment gay couples would be more than welcome.

Iain couldn’t possibly be angling for the Son of Campbell post, could he?

Oh, and Old Holborn (for whom you should be voting if you live in Cambridge)….

and Al Jahom….

….are very naughty boys.



2 comments on “The Eleutherophobia vote

  1. Actually, I’d go beyond this. Fuck whether it’s someone’s home or not. You should have the right to do business voluntarily with anyone you like and the right to NOT do business voluntarily with anyone you don’t like.

    Forcing me to do business with you is quite unacceptable.

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