Justify this, Labour supporters

Are 30% of the electorate on drugs? Are they victims of mass hypnosis?

This is the only explanation I can find for the fact that they are willing to re-elect a government that is hell-bent on leading us, like lemmings, over the precipice.

Today, four men were convicted of armed robbery, after being found guilty by a judge in the first serious criminal trial to be heard without a jury.

There are those who will argue that this case was only heard by a single judge in extremis, as a result of three collapsed trials and allegations (of which no evidence was made public due to its “sensitivity”) of jury tampering. Whether that is or isn’t so is, quite simply, irrelevant. Why do we have a police force police service) if not to protect jury members from interference by potentially violent defendants?

The 400-year-old tradition of trial by our peers is, or rather was, a bulwark against the power of the state and part of the fabric of our society, and the legislation that did away with it was politically motivated, ill-conceived and downright dangerous. One of the first acts of the next government should be to end it, and the thousands of other restrictive laws and regulations introduced since Tony Blair’s Year Zero, 1997, which drive a coach and horses through our individual freedoms.

It is stupefying that, if we are to put any trust in the polls, 30% of the electorate believe this, our most authoritarian government since the death of Cromwell, deserves another five years in power.

Or perhaps they just don’t care, in which case, as the saying goes, they will get the government they deserve, as will we if we don’t strain every sinew to consign the Labour Party to decades in opposition.


In other news, it is illegal to sell goldfish to children.

My will to live is ebbing by the second.



5 comments on “Justify this, Labour supporters

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  2. Do you seriously think that any incoming government is going to divest itself of the extra powers that Labour has created? The Tories roll back the frontiers of personal freedom to pre-1997? About as likely as a return to pre-1967 borders in Israel, I’d say. Not that I’m seeking to justify the egregious bastards who took away our civil liberties, just that I doubt Dave & Co are about to hand them back.

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