For Cleveland, Ohio, read Hackney, Maryhill….

….Birmingham Ladywood, Peckham, Shoreditch, Manchester Central, Liverpool Riverside….

How do we save our most depressed inner city regions?

  • By encouraging inward private sector investment and making it easier for companies to function, giving schools and teachers the flexibility to make their own decisions, and improving services and civic pride by introducing commercial rigour into moribund, union-dominated municipal assets?
  • Or by burdening these areas with ever greater levels of regulation, taxation, red tape and bureaucracy, while allowing doctrine, political orthodoxy and self interest to trump common sense and results-driven public services?

Watch this great series of shorts from Drew Carey’s excellent Reason TV and decide for yourself….

No brainer? You would have thought so, wouldn’t you?



2 comments on “For Cleveland, Ohio, read Hackney, Maryhill….

  1. Oh, the deep joy of Maryhill, where I was born. A lovely place. Not sure pumping money into anywhere ever really helps. Produces a lot of superficial success that dries up unless it’s sustained by a bigger process of change.

    • Give business and investment the conditions to flourish and watch the results.

      No denying it’s an Augean task to undo 13 years of hamstringing by Labour placemen, and shifting them and their vested interests, but it has to be done.

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