How many people were electrocuted last year?

Well, in 2002, the last year that RoSPA compiled statistics, 8,364 people suffered domestic electrical and radiation accidents in the UK.

The fact that electricity is manifestly more dangerous than mephedrone hasn’t stopped politicians of all parties climbing enthusiastically aboard the moral panic bandwagon over the deaths, “possibly” and “partly” caused by the drug, of two (I’ll repeat that, two) Scunthorpe teenagers on Monday.

Neither, to my knowledge, has any politician, of any party, called for a ban on electricity.

A nod of achnowledgement to Tory Bear for getting this absolutely right.



6 comments on “How many people were electrocuted last year?

  1. Blimey, next thing they’ll be banning cake.

  2. Cars are quite dangerous too.

    Let’s ban cars.

  3. I assume, then, that you agree with me that all currently proscribed drugs should be legally available, subject to possibly slightly more stringent safeguards than those surrounding the purchase of alcohol?

    But yeah, I agree about banning cars.

  4. But they can charge for electricity. No pun intended.

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