Labour’s malware campaign strategy?

I discovered the following email in the He’s Spartacus inbox this morning….

So, being a trusting soul, I clicked the link, which led me to a page like this….

Unfortunately I didn’t have the presence of mind to create a screencap. The page now looks like this (click to enlarge)….

At which point I tweeted the following….

No reply as yet.

Does this raise doubts as to the state of mind of the Leader of the House of Commons?

I think we should be told.


Seems the Leader of the House thinks she was hacked.



2 comments on “Labour’s malware campaign strategy?

  1. Try search Google for “Future fair for all”, or hit “I’m Feeling Lucky”.

    Oh, and also – if you are feeling generous, please link to the website so that it can maintain its #1 position: http://futurefairforall.org/post/408023113/a-future-fair-for-all-for-who-and-what-of-the-last

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