Who remembers Tricia McDaid?

I do! Ido!

Groper Jack

I think John “Groper Jack” Prescott would be well-advised to give Bullygate a very wide berth indeed.



3 comments on “Who remembers Tricia McDaid?

  1. I am tricia mcdaid and I have been persecuted everywhere I go for pulling John Prescott up on his behaviour towards women and for exposing his many extra-marital affairs and the fact that he offered me a dossier of photographs and documents of Gordon Brown having sex with Tony Blair if I slept with him, I did not, of course, ever sleep with him, that would have been worse than getting the dossier. I have been burgled and suspended from the nursing and midwifery register on false allegations that I was walking around maternity wards with a bag on my head. (not joking all evidenced.)

    • Are you really Tricia McDaid?

      No fibbing now.

      • John Prescott, in trouble for embarassing his wife pauline on cruise ship. I remember Pauline saying she was glad he had affairs because it kept him in London and as far away from him as he could get. She must be pissed off he is now in the Lords and has time to spend with her.

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