For sale: one British passport

So the Isrealis offed another terrorist what?

So they used forged British passports what?

I suppose, with a general election looming ever closer, William Hague may feel he has to reflect the mood of the mob, but as a staunch proponent of the nation state, of which Israel is an example, if not the example, for us all to admire, I suspect that in his private moments he applauds Israel’s action and the sheer chutzpah with which they carried it out. And though it pains me to say so, for once David Milliband got the tone pretty much right on this one. Own goal to Hague, I’m afraid.

While the cultural relativists at home squabbled about whether sleep deprivation is torture, Mossad placidly, without fuss, and without asking the permission of any toothless, ineffectual supra-national talking shop, hastened another fundamentalist thug to his great reward in Paradise.

I am lost in admiration for Israel and her honest, straightforward approach to the rights of despots and mass murderers, and can’t help wondering, if the boot had been on the other foot and a Mossad operative had been assassinated, would there have been the same chorus of moral indignation from the democracy-hating eurofascists?

If there are any members of Mossad reading this, and if they have plans to whack any more of these halal butchers using the same modus operandi, I’d like to offer my own passport for their consideration.

Actually, on second thoughts, forget the headline. They can have it for free.



9 comments on “For sale: one British passport

  1. Can’t agree with a word of this. Sorry.

  2. Not entirely sure that I can agree with this either, as I am deeply suspicious of state sanctioned assassinations – if they’d used their own identities, i may understand, but hiding behind innocent people seems wrong.

  3. I stumbled onto your blog and read a few post. I like your style of writing.

  4. Maybe, but dressing up in tennis clothes is such a lame way to go about it. Not quite Jason Bourne, is it?

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