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If wishing made it so, Daniel….

Dan Hannan’s recent comment about building a cross-party anti-EU movement….

What say I, InstantSaver? I say that, in order to win our independence, we shall need to win a referendum, and in order to win that referendum, we shall need the support of Labour, Conservative, LibDem and Green voters as well as UKIP voters.

In other words, we need to construct a broad anti-EU movement. When a Labour, LibDem or Conservative politician seems to be coming our way, we should encourage him. If, instead, we say, “anyone who doesn’t support UKIP is a traitor, a liar, a yes-man, a fool”, we don’t exactly maximise our appeal to the undecided.

….put me in mind of rather happier times….

That’s Maggie, the noble Lord Tebbit, Lord Owen and Tony Benn all singing from the same anti-federalist songsheet.

….this Parliament binding its successors in a way that we have hitherto considered unconstitutional.

That it should have come to this in a few short years.



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