I baa therefore I are….reprise

Remember this?

Well, sadly, the redoubtable Andrea Charman has finally thrown in the towel and given up the unequal struggle against a group of flat-earther parents who believe their children should not be taught that meat comes from slaughtered animals.

I know who I’d like to slaughter.



3 comments on “I baa therefore I are….reprise

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  2. These half-witted fools should be ashamed of themselves.

    Adele Grant is feigning some “psychological trauma” by proxy via her daughter, claiming the children are disturbed.

    Quite frankly, I too was disturbed, when I saw Adele flashing her knickers on her Facebook profile pic.

    A shining example of parenting an impressionable 10 year old girl.

  3. […] be taught that animals aren’t harmed in the production of meat (and is perfectly comfortable hounding schoolteachers out of a job to prove it), she also appears to think that this, from her Facebook page…. Put it away, love. You're […]

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