Oh do shut up, you tool

It’s walking on eggshells time again, dear reader.

The Daily Bigot’s only gone and offended another shill for the calamitous experiment in social engineering that is multiculturalism. From the ironically titled Liberal Conspiracy (for as we all know, there is nothing liberal about the left)….

Apparently, we are supposed to infer from this harmless doodle that….

Yes, it’s really a man marrying a sheep in the name of “multiculturalism”. Because, you know, immigrants are clearly no different to animals.

Ever heard of the expression “reductio ad absurdam“, Sunny? It is an often-used weapon in the satirist’s armoury, but then humour has never really been the left’s strong suit.

Whether or not multiculturalism was the “primary point of the report or the speech” is irrelevant. The question should be, is the following true or not?….

But my sense from several discussions was there was also a subsidiary political purpose to it – boosting diversity and undermining the Right’s opposition to multiculturalism.

….and does it signify a calculated policy of undermining a millennium of culture (and harmonious integration by successive waves of immigrants) in order to promote a homogenised and compliant society?

The Daily Mail is an appalling rag but a disproportionate reaction like this, on one of the rare occasions when it gets something more or less right, only strengthens its hand, and destroys any possibility of arguing the issue from first principles, but then c’est toujours le métier de l’aile gauche.

The New Statesman (def: “disinterested promoter of the public good”. Oh, the irony!) has also weighed in and would like to know if we think the cartoon is indeed racist.



3 comments on “Oh do shut up, you tool

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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by hesspartacus: RT @geoffwetblanket: I don’t read the cartoons in the Daily Mail. So I am not complicit in their racism. http://bit.ly/a8ObE7

  2. Just so you know, if this was an argument from reductio ad absurdum, it would imply that if you were to follow multiculturalism to it’s logical conclusion it could well lead to men marrying sheep. Which in turn would mean the cartoonist could not tell the difference between animals and people of different cultures.

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