An epiphany

I think I may have worked out why the Taliban are fighting us in Afghanistan.

They’ve cottoned on to the fact that we’re trying to install a democratic government in their country.

You know, just like ours.



4 comments on “An epiphany

  1. Sounds a bit silly and over-officious, until you get to this bit:

    They simply need to check the electoral register. The United Kingdom Independence Party did not take these simple steps.

    It’s UKIP’s mistake, they broke the rules because they didn’t go through the proper procedure. It’s such a simple rule, that you could argue that if you start bending it for one case, you have to start bending it for others, and then a crack opens in the door for genuine dishonesty to get through.

    Don’t really have strong opinions either way. It’s not undemocratic though – it’s about interpretation of the rules. What would be really interesting if there’s a similar case that was or will be ruled the other way.

    • A similar case?

      How about this?

      That’s 2.4 mill, from a man who obtained the money fraudulently, who ran a business that didn’t trade in the UK, who wasn’t on the electoral roll the year before the donation, or the year after.

      It is entirely undemocratic. This is all about damaging, or even destroying, a party that doesn’t buy into the LibLabCon on Europe, nothing more.

      • And then it gets really interesting.

        I wouldn’t immediately guess at the motives (I suspect there’s more to it than simple persecution), but something’s going horribly wrong somewhere.

        Cheers for the linky.

  2. Should we tell them before it’s too late? Or encourage them to join the EU too?

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