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Breast beating, sackcloth, ashes and self loathing

A trumpet blast today against the Guilt Industry and the failed, generation-long experiment in social engineering that is multiculturalism, from the excellent Jeff Randall in The Telegraph….

At its pinnacle, the Guilt Industry’s superstars reside comfortably in Downing Street. There they develop the art of saying sorry on behalf of the whole nation for alleged wrongdoings. The trick here is to make sure that guilt is always transferred to others. Under no circumstances does the apologist concede personal guilt at any level. That would never do.

And who else, in the midst of a budgetary and political shambles of his own making, would have the effrontery to publish (in this newspaper) an apology to Alan Turing, the brilliant codebreaker who was prosecuted for being gay in 1952. Mr Brown rightly described the Turing case as tragic (he committed suicide), but did the Prime Minister really think he would win our respect by saying sorry for an event over which he had no control?

My most cherished mea culpa came from a sobbing über masochist, Ken the Reptile in 2007, in a shameless piece of electioneering, sorry, heartfelt plea for absolution over the slave trade.

Ken holds his hands up

Ken holds his hands up

Tell you what, Ken. I’ll apologise for slavery just as soon as Silvio Berlusconi begs forgiveness from Tunisia for the sack of Carthage, when Gordon Brown makes atonement to Denmark for the St. Brice’s Day Massacre and Kostas Karamanlis invites Ahmadinejad round for a cuppa and a quiet chat about the destruction of Persepolis.



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