How have I survived until now without these meddling bastards?

Some of you may recall that last winter a girl died in a sledging accident after some enterprising youths had used an old Land Rover roof as a sledge. The girl lost control at 60 mph and smashed into a tree.

In the “something must be done” way of these things, the coroner has now demanded that the slope they were on should be closed to the public.

Oh, for the love of Mike! What is the point?

Believe it or not, people have accidents. Often, it’s because they were doing risky things. Other times it’s just bad luck. Why is it that every time anything like this happens some interfering dolt has to demonstrate his concern, and justify his salary, by treating us all like lobotomised cattle?

And quite how sticking a sign up or getting some asthmatic “enforcement officer” to wheeze his way up to the top of the slope in heavy snow will deter people who are so in love with speed that they’re prepared to take an old car roof up there and slide down, Christ alone knows.

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5 comments on “How have I survived until now without these meddling bastards?

  1. I know it’s ridiculous. Let’s not all go out in case we trip and fall over. Elf and safety twatattack!

  2. Love that “asthmatic enforcement officer” – needless to say, you’re right on the money.

  3. Or worse still, Rockmum, the sky may fall on our heads.

    Nice mind movie, isn’t it, Rotter?

  4. Maybe we could employ armies of the unwashed to flatten out the hills for us, thus alleviating us of the risk presented by the lumpen landscape.

  5. Too many health and safety issues, Madame.

    Never happen.

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