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Peotry Croner part 2…. Don’t call me a bard

So I responded to Topflight’s email. I won’t go into any detail but suffice to say I damned his efforts with faint praise.

For once the silly sod hoisted in the message….

So you didn’t rate it? I suppose I need to up my game if I’m ever going to compete with a bard like you.

And why do you refer to yourself as we?

Now I really must take issue with this. I am not a bard. I am more a warrior and empire builder in the tradition of Genghis Khan. Nations cower before me. So the first person plural is entirely correct.

Imagine what it would be like to have the immense, coiled energy, unconstrained world-historical vision and vaulting ambition of a pan-Asiatic warrior-poet-conqueror.

You are imagining you are me.

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