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Is Jackie Ashley a raving lunatic?

I love reading the politics section of the Gruaniad’s CIF, otherwise known as the Political Asylum. I derive particular pleasure from the demented scribblings of its Moon Barker in Chief, Jackie Ashley.

Let me take you by the hand and lead you to a very different Britain, one that’s perhaps not more than half a year away. It’s a country convulsed over its future in the European Union, one in which welfare is being slashed and new prisons are the only public investment still growing. Bodies set up to make life fairer and safer are disappearing in a “bonfire of the quangos”.

Oh Jackie! Whatever will we do when we no longer have these money pits, populated by unelected, doctrinaire ZanuLabour placemen, subject to little or no public scrutiny, propagating the monstrous, failed social experiment that is multiculturalism, telling us how to think, what to say, what side our testicles should dress, what day of the week we can mow the lawn, what spread our children can have on their lunchtime sandwich….blah blah blather….?

However will we cope?

She’s almost as mad as John Pilger.

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